Grow Big Always with Sam Lawrence 


I'm a tech start-up veteran, investor, creative tinkerer, and student of growth. For me, that's meant building and re-building companies, marriages, families and points of view.

Some of those have worked. Some have failed.  

I started the Grow Big Always podcast for myself.  Like most of us, I survived a routine, well-worn education system and joined the well-oiled ranks "working for the man." Ultimately it felt like I landed in an echo chamber filled with templated points of view.

After learning a bit about un-schooling for kids, I thought, "hey, adults should approach learning the same way. Starting with me." 

So I decided to reach out to the smartest, most interesting minds across a super-diverse range of topics to see if they'd talk about their work. People who shared a passion for testing our cultural operating system and the blind-copied assumptions we all re-tell. My hope was they could help me see alternate realities and in doing so, grow way beyond where I would have normally ended up.

Hopefully, listening to them helps you puncture your assumptions, too.  It will take all of us to upend and reshape these crazy stories we take for granted.

This show is for you. I welcome suggestions, your own stories and guest recommendations. Feedback keeps me going -- otherwise podcasting is pretty lonely, so bring it on. I'll do my best to answer every note I get (but please be patient).

If you'd like to learn more about me, you can check out my Linkedin profile.