Grow Big Always with Sam Lawrence 



  1. Buy imagination

  2. Science is a fact

  3. Organized religion

  4. The education system

  5. Commerce-driven

  6. Live around your work

  7. Navigate networks

  8. True love for “the one”

  9. Nuclear families

  10. Formulaic sex

  11. Packaged food

  12. Pharma cures

  13. Track fitness

  14. Flag-waving

  15. Standardized culture

  16. Algorithmic bait

  17. Old age facilities

  18. Black or white

  19. Dualism


  1. Create imagination

  2. Science is a test

  3. Spiritual consciousness

  4. Self-directed learning

  5. Connection-driven

  6. Work around your life

  7. Belong to communities

  8. Different love for many

  9. Infinite family shapes

  10. Transcendent sex

  11. Self-prepared food

  12. Medicine expands

  13. Increase well being

  14. Pilgriming

  15. Cultural curation

  16. Mindful media

  17. Aging-in-place

  18. Colorless

  19. Non-dualism

We are born into other people's operating systems. They're meant to  provide us easy answers to how things "are," so we don't have to think. Our cooperation funds each institution. We learn how to follow these scripts as kids. By the time we're adults we accept those institutionalized ideas as fact. They claim us as "dependents." Before you know it, your precious biological clock has been spent following narratives meant to keep you in the marching band and you die playing someone else's song. 

The first half of my life I was a disciple. I followed templated, well-worn points of view and found myself completely empty. I knew I wanted change but life doesn't give you optional song sheets when you want to be your own drummer.  

After learning a bit about un-schooling for kids, I thought, "hey, adults should approach learning the same way. Starting with me." That's why I started the Grow Big Always podcast. To unlearn.

I reached out to the smartest, most interesting people across a super-diverse range of topics to see if they'd share their work— people who also marched to their own drummer and didn't just accept and blind copy other people's narratives. My hope was they could help me see alternate realities and in doing so, grow way beyond where I would have normally ended up.

Hopefully, listening to them helps you puncture your assumptions, too.  To become independent. So that you can be a bug rather than a plug-in. Because, it will take all of us to reboot the world. 

This show is for you. I welcome suggestions, your own stories and guest recommendations. Feedback keeps me going -- otherwise podcasting is pretty lonely, so bring it on. I'll do my best to answer every note I get (but please be patient).