Fundraising with balls with Movember founder Adam Garone

Find out more about Movember at . (Double mustache photo credit:  Shayne Gray ). 

Find out more about Movember at (Double mustache photo credit: Shayne Gray). 

When better than Easter to talk about...yes, "eggs," but also how a guy, his brother and a friend came up with the drunken idea of throwing goofy mustache parties and when they got really popular did something completely unexpected. That's what happened to Movember's Adam Garone and his unexpected move was to connect the youthful mustache-growing popularity to the crotchety world of not-for-profit causes like Prostate Cancer Research. 

That's an idea most people wouldn't quit their day jobs for but Adam and his co-founders stayed at it until it worked. Today the Movember Foundation has capitalized over $700M for Men's Health issues like Prostate Cancer and has now expanded to Testicular Cancer and suicide prevention. Adam and his team have found themselves at the helm of driving change through tearing down the borders of not only how Men talk about their own health issues, but how research is supported around the world. 

Adam talked to me via phone about not only how Movember got started but a lot of exclusive insight on how tricky it is to figure out how to keep growing while keeping the spirit of what got them to where they are today.