Spiritual pussy and bedroom jungles with Alphachanneling

If you’re like me you might ask, where has imagination gone? We seem to have forgotten that muscle. How to even tap what’s really inside us. It’s sort of amazing when you think about it, we’re born into a world where there are tuning forks on any topic that pump out a story about what that topic should be— how we should think, feel, and behave when it comes to marriage, love, money, work, religion— or really any topic. 

So we find ourselves trying to adjust our harmony to those other tuning forks. We’re reacting to them. We’re trying to make them happy. We’re trying to satisfy all of the demands that those containers and shapes are asking us to conform to. 

It’s almost impossible to get in tune with reality. There’s a lot of guests on this show that have talked about how fake everything we’ve created really is and certainly that is true when it comes to one of the most fundamental topics: our sexuality. How we encounter and express intimacy— physically, emotionally, spiritually, and cosmically— with someone else. How we share it and what it should look like. 

When you look around at other people’s definitions, we see porn, we see sex in advertising and movies. Things other people are tell us are erotic. We feel what’s supposed to be ok or not ok and it’s all categorized for us on Pornhub. It’s spelled out in our religion or culture. Everything is there for us to follow what other people have imagined for us. 

Well one of the most powerful things that you can do as someone who wants to break out of that mould, it to put those things at bay and put your energy into finding the original harmony inside of you. To find a way to give it voice. That’s what this week’s guest, Alphachanneling, does with art. 

Each image that’s conjures is a sort of poem, prayer or meditation on a cosmic part of the way we connect with each other and with ourselves. Clearly the work has caught on, Alphachanneling has almost 500,000 followers on Instagram, has been featured in magazines like Juxtapoz, reviewed by top art critics, and had a solo show. Alphachanneling was nice enough to come over to my house to sit and chat. Which we did. You’ll hear some of that, though we actually chatted about as long after the recording. 

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Alphachanneling and it wakes up some cosmic expression inside you. That you find new ways to relate to your own body, to your own magic and incredibly psychedelic opportunity to reach intimacy in completely new ways.

Image credit: Alphachanneling

Music credit: Cosmic Energy