We can hack aging and live to be 1,000 with biologist Aubrey de Grey

Clearly throughout recorded history we’ve been fascinated by things like the Fountain of Youth and anything that would reverse the aging process. Let’s face it, if you’re over 40, you feel it physically. Your systems just start to break down. In modern medicine, this process has been seen as disease but this week’s guest, Aubrey de Grey, sees it more like an engineering challenge.     

Aubrey is a very controversial biomedical gerontologist and crusader against aging. He has a very specific plan that identifies the various components that cause human tissue to age, and he has very specific remedies for each of them. That’s what his non-profit, The SENS Research Foundation (a 501C-3) focuses on and it’s got some interesting people behind it, like Peter Thiel (one of the founders of PayPal) and Aubrey himself who has invested a large part of his inheritance to the cause. 

Grow Big Always often has conversations with rebels that help us reshape the points of view that we take for granted, so Aubrey de Gray is a perfect guest. I hope you enjoy this conversation we had via Skype. Maybe you’ll end up agreeing with him— that the person that ends up living to 1,000 years old has already been born today. 

Photo credit: Martin Beck

Music credit: Pulp - Help The Aged