How to belong anywhere with BBC host of "Tribe" Bruce Parry

We crave belonging. As crazy-distracting and divisive as the world is, it’s easy to forget the simple fact that deep down we want to be accepted and feel part of a tribe. Given how the world has developed, for most of us, this is very hard. I had an amazing opportunity to dig into what it takes to connect to very different groups by talking to someone who has done extreme versions of this. Bruce Parry has travelled to some of the most remote places on planet Earth and inserted himself into wildly foreign cultures and people. For some of these tribes, meeting him was “first contact” of any outsider. Imagine making connection with groups of people where you don’t speak their language, look wildly different, don’t eat their food or wear their clothes. How would you do it? What could you learn about yourself by making those connections? Especially after doing it 20-30 times?

Bruce Parry is an award-winning documentarian, author and a famous BBC host of such documentary shows as Tribe, Amazon and Arctic. He has travelled to extreme environments spending significant time with indigenous people.  While these people have very different rituals, such as cannibalism or smoking ayahuasca, Bruce has been welcomed as a member and has had the chance to connect and understand people at a human level that most of us never get the opportunity to encounter. 

So, at a time when separation has never been more forced upon us, knowing what it takes to belong are a set of keys we can all use everyday. This is a special chance to hear someone who has developed an amazing ability to connect and belong at every level and in every corner of life. 


Art credit: Randis 

Music credit: Yelli- Baka women yodellers