The art of “woo hoo” with former BMW chief of design Chris Bangle

If you’re a BMW or automobile lover, you may have heard of Chris Bangle. At only 35, he was the man in charge of BMW design— so all models and brands from BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce— reported up to him— and his designs shook up the automotive industry for 17 years.

People still write and talk about it today. Today he has his own firm re-approaching design for all sorts of products from smartphones to alcohol bottles. We talked from his studio near Turin, Italy, about everything from self-driving cars to AI to how he’s designed starting his own company and growing it as an inspiration for his employees as well as the community around him. 

I challenge any of you not to find inspiration listening to Chris in this episode. Chris has a unique way of painting amazing pictures and challenging the way we think of the world around us. 

Learn more about Chris at  his design firm's website  Chris Bangle Associates. 

Learn more about Chris at his design firm's website Chris Bangle Associates.