Why we keep getting things wrong with author Chuck Klosterman

Have you ever looked at a super old picture and laughed at how mistaken all those people were about what they thought the we’d spend our time doing today? I know I look at pictures of myself as a kid and can’t believe I spent my time outside vs on a phone. Doesn’t sound like you? Well then maybe you were positive that the world would always adore Milli Vanilli. Regardless, it’s hard to argue that we’re incredibly blinded by the road we’re on, what’s coming and what we— as a culture— will value beyond today. Why is that? 

I had an interesting and hilarious conversation about that very thing with this week’s guest, famed pop-culture author Chuck Klosterman, who recently released the book “But What If We’re Wrong?” You might know Chuck, he’s got a pretty huge cult-following which started when he was a journalist for Spin, GQ, the New York Times Magazine, the Washington Post, and Esquire. Or maybe you’ve read his diverse, hilarious and insightful page-turning books ranging from Rock-n-Roll to Redskins, from Cereal to Serial Killers many of which have topped the New York Times Bestseller list. 

He's been interviewed by everyone from Seth Meyers, to the Daily Show, to Marc Maron, so I really wondered why the hell he agreed to talk to me and what fresh ground we could cover. I couldn’t have predicted he’d say yes or, in fact, that we’d talk about the things we did but maybe that’s the point of Chuck’s new book, too.  While Neil deGrasse Tyson, who's in the book,  may have criticized it, that may just fall squarely in Chuck’s argument that the very things we look at today as safe or nuts, can be vastly different tomorrow.  

Music credit: Rolling Stones, Fortune Teller

Image credit: LA Johnson