How people screw up transitions with former Jive CEO Dave Hersh

I’ve been so excited to release this awesome, very special episode with the founding CEO of Jive— and my former boss— Dave Hersh.

Follow Dave on  Twitter  or read his blog,  "Mental Inbox Zero."   

Follow Dave on Twitter or read his blog, "Mental Inbox Zero."  

Hard to believe it, but Dave and I have worked together for over 10 years. When I joined Jive there were just 13-14 people but he had been there from day one. It was him, and two developers. We sat in the same office for most of the ride of what ended up becoming rocket ship until just before the company went public. After that, Dave gave me the confidence and coaching to launch my own company and worked with me as a Board member for 5 years.

We recorded this episode last fall when we were both moving on from our respective startups. He had been a venture partner at Andreessen Horowitz and had founded a company he ended up selling and I had moved from my startup to a different VC company called Social Capital. Anyway, clearly we love working with each other because since recording this, we’ve started another company and work together every single day. 

Dave is someone I really look up to and respect. When you listen to our conversation, I know you’ll get why. The guys is universally loved, he has a bulletproof reputation—which is a hard thing to do in the Valley. Not to mention being a devoted family man, community member and friend to many, many people.

This episode will resonate with any of you who’ve had to remodel yourself. That have had to navigate that scary void between an old identity and a new one. Who’ve had to ease your old self out of the equation so you could truly become someone completely different. That’s what it takes to change. That’s what it takes to grow.  

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