How race has deeply divided the parties with Stanford Sociologist Doug McAdam

Be sure to check out Doug's book, " Deeply Divided ," as well as  Stanford's Department of Sociology . 

Be sure to check out Doug's book, "Deeply Divided," as well as Stanford's Department of Sociology

It’s actually a fact that our political parties have never-- in the history of the United States-- been so deeply divided. Have you ever wondered how we got this way? Well I was shocked to find out that it was actually race, starting with the Civil Rights Movement, that created this incredible separation between parties.

This year’s election marks potentially the most dramatic division that we’ve ever had and it could be the beginning of a schism that completely shakes up our two-party system. While a lot of us have opinions about politics, Stanford Professor Doug McAdam is a Political Sociologist that researches the facts around the subject. He’s the former Director of Center of Advance Study in Behavioral Sciences, he’s authored 18 books and 85 other publications all focused on Political Sociology with emphasis on race and social movements. So if there’s anyone who understands how the color of our skin has created two parties that pretty much don’t talk to each other anymore, it’s Doug.