What to do when your soul takes a stagedive with frontwoman Jenny Angelillo

Punk frontwoman Jenny Angelillo "has nothing to promote."  She does, however, want a coffee date with Henry Rollins.

Jenny Angelillo spent her life on stage which, according to her,  both ruined and saved her life. She's the lead singer for punk band Neighborhood Brats, and previously was a ballerina, an esthetician and a MFA creative photographer. Vice Magazine called her the female Henry Rollins.  She can "rip the hair off your crotch in 15 minutes."

Jenny talks about how she got into punk from ballet ("I'm really just a dancer who can yell loudly"),  growing up in a stressful household,  and how she recovered when her soul took a stage dive by no longer filling the gap inside her with substances, men, or music."

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