Adventures of the human anus with science writer Mary Roach

My friends know I have this thing with toilet humor, with poop, with butts, with holes in butts, pretty much everything rear-facing. So yeah, it wouldn’t be a stretch (so to speak) to be up front with the fact I’m completely fascinated by anuses. That “poor friend in the back” is a prominent theme at my house, certainly with having a toddler, and even around the dinner table. Heck, I use the poo emoji as my heart emoji. In fact, I poo all of you. 

Some people don’t find it as funny but either way, we can agree our anus and rectum is a pretty private, vulnerable, and mysterious place. For sure an uncomfortable social taboo. Unless you’re science writer Mary Roach, who has written many funny books about the science of the human body. My butt radar noticed that  many of them include super interesting starfish adventures from the other side, if you know what I mean. So, I asked her to spend an entire podcast talking about our fannies— from interesting stuff that happens when we’re at war, when we have sex, when we go to outer space, when we swallow something, when we die and even the afterlife. I guess you can say, we talk about why shit matters. 

  • Music credit: Black Eyed Peas- My Humps
  • Photo credit: Jen Siska
  • Art credit: Pia Sawhney