Evolution makes these creatures do crazy shit with Author Matt Simon

If you listen to this podcast it’s not a surprise that I love bizarre. What better way to extend that lens then to look beyond people? So when author Matt Simon was recommended by a listener as a guest for Grow Big Always, I thought it was a great idea because he’s a science writer at Wired and specializes on Zoology, specifically some crazy fucking creatures. 

It’s hard to describe his book, The Wasp That Brainwashed the Caterpillar, because it’s a fusion of the insane things creatures do and also incredibly funny. Where else can you glance at a title of a section that says, “Adventures in having a six inch long clitoris.” Actually, don’t answer that. 

The book is an incredible collection of super bizarre creatures, packed with interesting facts that both impress you and creep you out. I know I did a few spit takes while reading it. 

So if you want to be "that person" at the next party that whips out some crazy facts that blow other people away, be sure to listen to this conversation with Matt Simon. That said, if you’re in the middle of eating some Panang curry or some Turkish-style poached eggs, you may want to take a break from that until after the show. That is, unless the stranger side of evolution is an appetite stimulant. And if so, breakfast is served. 


Image credit: Emilio Garcia

Music credit: The Cricket Song, Rich O'Toole