The danger of hiding who you are with secret keeper Morgana Bailey

Here's where you can  follow Morgana on Twitter . 

Here's where you can follow Morgana on Twitter

All of us can relate to covering up something in our lives. For many of us, that can end up being a huge part of who we really are. We can find ourselves living as outsiders pretending to be something we’re not whether that’s at work, with our friends or in our relationships. These lies can literally destroy our life.

“Coming out” isn’t something sequestered to the LGBT community. Coming out means bravely uncovering who you really are and it’s a practice that we can all learn from. In this case, Morgana did it in front of millions of people. In front of co-workers. In front of absolutely everyone she knows. And she did it more than once. When you listen to her story you realize just how much keeping secrets can hurt and just how powerfully becoming outwardly authentic can be.

This week is SF Pride. Given the recent impossible-to-comprehend massacre within the Orlando Gay community, just days ago, it’s never been more important to take the time to understand, listen to, and defend everyone— no matter who they decide to love. 

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